Loan Application Checklist

Employment Information:

     One month’s most recent consecutive paycheck stubs

     Copy of your most recent Social Security Award Letter (if you receive Social Security benefits)

     Copies of your W-2’s for 2014 and 2015

     Copies of your tax returns for 2014 and 2015 (all schedules and all pages).

     If self-employed:

o    Last two years corporate tax returns (all schedules and all pages) with the finalized K-1

o    CPA’s name and phone number,

o    Copy of your business license for the last two years

o    Current YTD Profit and Loss

o    Current balance sheet

     I need a name and phone number for your Human Resources director

     If your company uses “the work number” (a human resources company) to verify your employment, I need your companies ID and your Pin #. (if applicable)

     Have you been at your current job for less than 2 years? If so, I need a letter listing out:

o    all employers for the last 2 years (for each w-2)

o    their local addresses/phone numbers

o    contact person

o    the dates you were employed

o    your job title

o    letter written and signed explaining any job gaps over 30 days

    Copies of your employment contracts (if applicable)

Assets & Liabilities:

     Last 2 months most recent bank statements (all the pages) on all of your bank accounts ** keep sending your newest statements once you get them **

     If you have any large deposits (other than pay checks from your current employer) on your bank statements (over $250) please provide a letter, signed and dated explaining the deposit along with copies of the deposit slip and the checks deposited (you can get these from your banks teller). *Please DO NOT deposit cash into your bank account. This could also cause major delays or even serious complications.  FYI liquid cash cannot be used for a down payment on a purchase transaction.*

    Last two retirement (401k) account statements (all pages) along with the “Terms of Withdrawal(all pages), ONLY if you’re using money from this account for the down payment.

    Copy of your cancelled earnest money check(when available)

    Gift Letter, ONLY if receiving money from a family member for your down payment

    Closing Disclosure --- ONLY if selling/refinancing your current home

    DD214 military service discharge paperwork **VETERANS ONLY**

Real Estate:

    Copy of your mortgage “NOTE” (this will be in your original mortgage paperwork that you got when you bought/last refinanced your home loan. This is typically a 3-page document)  **REFINANCE ONLY**

    Letter stating the date and what you paid for your home. **REFINANCE ONLY**

    Letter stating how many properties you currently own and the estimated values for each.

    Copy of the most recent mortgage statement(s) for all owned properties

o    Most recent tax bill and homeowners insurance receipts if not included in your mortgage payment.

    Name and phone number of your insurance agent

    Copy of your lease agreement(s) on all your rental properties/current home

    Copy of the sales agreement on the sale of your current home

    Copy of the new signed Purchase Agreement --- ALL pages of the Addendums, Amendments and Counter Offers (Please make sure the utilities are on water, electric, gas)

Credit and Additional Information:

    Copy of either, your Driver’s License or your passport.

    Copy of your Permanent Resident Alien Card, front & back. (if applicable)

    Copy of your Social Security Card

    Copy of all the paperwork from your finalized divorce decree, settlement statement or legal separation agreement.

    Copy of all the paperwork from your Bankruptcy& discharge paperwork.

    Letter stating how many children and their ages, are in your family?

    Are you receiving child support/alimony? Provide a copy of the court order.

    Are you required to pay child support/alimony? Provide a copy of the court order.

    Have you been at your current address for less than 2 years? Provide a letter explaining each address, the dates, the rent amount and why you moved – please sign and date

    Landlords name and phone number


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